What happened you to Instagram feed?

What happened you to Instagram feed?

New publications on Instagram feed now seeks to give users what they want to see, rather than the first thing they have to see.

The announcement about this changed took place in March and is now a reality. The new plan of Instagram is to include an algorithm that customize the order of appearance of the posts in the feed of news platform according to the preferences of the members rather than the order they were published by the creators. In principle the ad was not very well received by the users because they fear that their own publications are buried under the logic of the algorithm or that they can not see postings of interest. Instagram has been testing its new model, which is similar to the Facebook News Service, in the last couple of months, and found that users interact more with the pictures and discussed in more publications than in comparison with the classical feed. From the social network, they claim to have initiated the change to help users keep abreast with the volume of photos shared their news feed every day.

In an article in the blog of Instagram, they claim that users can’t see 70% of your home’s news, so the idea of change and improve the user experience as it adapts to the growth of users in the social network and therefore content. Instagram users have been duplicated in the past two years reaching $ 400 million.

Apparently, the algorithm works positioned between the top of the news feed to the content that create more interesting to the consumer, based on previous preferences for example and the relationship shared by the users.Also believed that Instagram will follow the model of Facebook and driving in the first positions of the beginning of the user content that has popularity in general.


The Internet of things, inside of the car

The Internet of things, inside of the carThe Internet of Things came to the car. Ituran developed Safety, a technological solution that integrates the car with a family of preventive measures and information on how to license. It seeks to improve safety, avoid the bad management and reduce costs.

Ituran, the company’s telecommunication services, Ituran Safety presents a solution based on technology of GPS/GPRS location that includes a processor and a multi-dimensional sensor to monitor the conduct of management in real time and automatically identify dangerous patterns like braking emergency, sudden acceleration, driving at high speed or abrupt lane changes.

Ituran general manager, Gabriel Mysler, it’s “the arrival of the Internet of things to the car,. to move beyond Safety not only tells you where is the auto and fast will that they are the basic parameters, very simple things. What appears now is information technology and how to manage those data, Safety allows you to evaluate how a driving to make precautionary decisions. Safety function is, for example, create spreadsheets of data depending on the experience and the actions of the driver while driving, for example the number of times that exceeded in speed, your average speed in residential areas and the amount of gasoline spends per route kilometer. This type of information allows you to get an idea quite clear what needs to be improved in each specific case. If we think of a fleet of taxis, for example, can easily give account of what taxi driver driving at high speeds or driving with impaired brake pad. This type of information, believe in Safety, help to save lives and reduce costs. “When improved handling behavior can be prevented countless accidents and undesirable consequences, at the same time that impacts in saving money because the integrity of the car cares, economizing fuel and, above all, preserving the lives of the people” says Gabriel Mysler.

The system is integrated with the solution of Mobileye that helps the driver avoid accidents in real time, because abnormality in handling security alerts that instantly by cabin and arrive by mail, while they support the instructions towards the driver and the improvement of their processes are generated. This basically means that if a driver incurs a violent decline in the speed and does not respond to alerts possibly it is a shock; and you can move quickly without waiting for that you call the police. In the same way, intelligent data collection allows you to automate the process of fined. “The vehicle is what is ‘auto fine’.” Because to incurring excessive speed or a u-turn, the technology allows us to know when, how and where it occurred”explains Mysler.

The case is interesting and demonstrates the power of the Internet of things in an area which escapes the mass consumption and leisure.



The simple gadget that solves thousand cell phone problems

can doubt the social transformation that brought smartphones. They transformed from enterprises to interpersonal communications.But, clearly, they are not free of problems. And we don’t talk about difficulties to connect to wireless internet or discussions because the couple found a compromising WhatsApp message. If no interface problems. In simple words: the smartphone is difficult to manage, if it falls it can definitely be damaged, sometimes requires the use of both hands and is not always simple to use apps like Netflix or Youtube because nobody wants to have the cell phone in his hand the 40 minutes that last chapter of the series. But, it seems, get the solution to these difficulties. And it is much simpler than it seems.

Ringo is a small attach to the smartphone that allows you to maneuver more easily. It is a ring that is attached to the device and allows you to hold and handle it with more safety and comfort. Bridging the gap, the idea occurred to two Argentine entrepreneurs in the same way that the popular story says that Isaac Newton came up with inquire about gravity. “One day Gerardo my partner tells me that chatting in bed the phone fell on the head, and hence the idea to an accessory that allows you to hold in a way more comfortable the phone.” explains Nicolás Viñes, co-founder of the company. “We explore different materials and work on various prototypes, focusing on three priorities: functionality, strength and design.” We wanted it to be an accessible product but quality, and manufactured entirely in Argentina to. Today when you use Ringo dexterity not only your hand, avoid falls and take better photos, but also serves as a support to support your phone as you want.”features the founder on his brand new project has less than a month on the market.



Business and market model

“We face this business with own funds but we know we will have to evaluate other alternatives to expedite our process soon, by our growth expectations,” explained from the company and ensure that the sector of accessories for smartphones is growing and abundant supply of Chinese products, rich gene. “We noticed the lack of national identity and design developments and believe that Ringo is the spear that is going to allow you to continue to invest in the development of new products made in Argentina” analyzed.
Ringo has everything to grow fast. “We aim to a segment that invests in technology and accessories and is sold in a massive channel and growing since we agree, today the premises of accessories for mobile phones are like kiosks, they are everywhere” explained from Ringo.

On the other hand, the future of the product is the extension of the offer. “We are increasing our production and working on new designs and colors. In the coming days we are going to come out with different sizes to enhance the experience of each user. In the short term we are designing other fashion accessories for Ringo as for example the Clip that will serve to hang the car dashboard or in any corner of the home”says Nicolás Viñes.

“In the first stage we aim to Capital Federal and Gran Buenos Aires and local phone accessories; and in a second stage we will work with other marketing channels that we believe will be a great spread, like for example shops of accessories for fashion and design, we believe that Ringo has it all to join that offer” speak Vines. Today you can buy online with shipping nationwide and plan to advance the marketing network, the week coming to Ringo is going to be in more than one dozen of points of sale.


Do you use Tumblr? It is time to change the password

Do you use Tumblr? It is time to change the passwordFew thing you remember, but in the year 2013, shortly after that Yahoo! be done with Tumblr, the company reported on its blog official credentials for access of a “group” of users had been compromised by an unauthorized intrusion of a third party. At that time not be revealed as was the number of people affected, but now it has come to light and locks of a fairly considerable number: more than 65 million. The data is clear from a report of Motherboard, in collaboration with the specialist in safety Troy Hunt,

On the website of Tumblr was actually victim of the theft of 65.469.298 of e-mails and passwords. The report says this database can be purchased online for close to $150.00, and although it is not in direct and plain text, the Act of decoding keys would be fairly simple.

The consultant responsible for the research, is also responsible for the website Have I been Pwned? who is responsible for informing users of different social networks and platforms if your accounts are compromised or were affected in any leakage of information or hacking. So all Tumblr users would do well to change their passwords because the hack was stronger than initially thought.


Ferris wheel could be the best new air conditioning in the world

Ferris wheel could be the best new air conditioning in the worldFerris wheel was designed to deal with all the loose current air-conditioning points. Occupies very little space, it can be controlled remotely, it is design is aesthetic, is programmable, has smart features, is friendly to the environment and. It has only one against: it is a project on Kickstarter and still expected to hit the market next year. However, this device promises a lot.
The campaign has collected more than 686 thousand dollars, from an initial required amount of 250 thousand dollars which was clearly exceeded more than.

How it is and how it works?

Starting by the first, the installation of this device is simple. To do so, Ferris wheel comes with an adapter for the window frame. Once installed this piece, which does not require special tools, proceed to place air conditioning unit until it clicks. If you require cleaning or maintenance, or even if you decide to keep for some time because it will be obsolete, uninstalling is just as simple.
Regulation and power system works with a rotary knob and a small screen touch that can change some functions and see changes made as degrees Celsius from the room.
The capacity of cold is about 5,000 BTUs for now, a Btu is equivalent to approximately 256 calories. The unit makes refrigeration compression of steam with R410a, a coolant that does not contain chlorine does not affect the ozone layer. Noria direct air toward the ceiling to create a cycle of convective which ensures steady cooling without cold or hot spots. On cool nights the unit saves energy with Fresh Air Mode, that works with the outside air.


How to optimize sales online from interactive videos

How to optimize sales online from interactive videos

Unlike a traditional video, has an introduction, a development and an outcome, in the interactive videos the viewer participates and becomes client through online platforms that enable you to add social media interactions to “like” and follow the brand on social networks; Add purchase buttons to involve the video directly from the ecommerce; and information, giving the possibility to click and deploy additional information about different products displayed on the video.

For example, in a video of a clothing brand lookbook, you can add buttons to find out the price of clothes and in what colors come, include the possibility to buy them from the same video and also follow brands on social networks without having to enter the network, find the page of the brand , etc.

An important fact is that a brand that already has traditional videos do not need to invest in generating materials from scratch, but it can enhance the effectiveness of any video, transforming it into a commercial interactive, intelligent and clickable, enhancing it to make it an effective tool to optimize sales.

In each case, it is important to analyze what are the most appropriate interactions for each video and for each brand, avoiding, recharge them proposals, to take care of the user experience. Professional analysis identifies, then, how, when and where it is most convenient to integrate an interactive element within a video. A good example of this is Cinemad, an online platform of interactive videos that had significant growth reaching the millions of videos. “Since the company estimated that the interactive videos will be increasingly important in the advertising industry” by clear optimization “sales that brings about”.


How Project Fi, Google mobile operator

It is known that Google is part of the enlightened Vanguard when we talk about new technologies: virtual reality, Internet access at very high speeds and to medical research, by the hand of Google Glass (and its poor relation, the Cardboard), Google Fiber and Verily (formerly part of the so-called mystery, with a fair mix of precision and irony, Google X), respectively.

In this group you can include a new and eye-catching initiatives of the company’s Mountain View, Google Fi, it works as metaoperador of mobile phone or an Operator Mobile Virtual (OMV), for U.S. users who have different models Nexus which sold by the company.


By what metaoperador? Google Fi provides telephony and data services and used as support networks of two of the most important mobile operators in the country’s North, as Sprint and T-Mobile, but with an important distinction: the eSIM, or virtual SIM chip, that allows to change operator automatically, without having two chips.

The idea behind Project FI customer have at their disposal several networks to have better coverage, a single fare paying flat, without roaming and packages of data with a fixed value (to be paid by data consumed). In addition, the eSIM change operator according to that of better coverage in every time and place, and if it is a free and secure Wi-Fi network automatically connects (the link is via a virtual private network (VPN) own to avoid possible hacks).IE: Google wants you to be always connected to the best price, because if you are more connected, you’re going to use more of their products. It makes sense.

While calls are only available for the Nexus, as mentioned above, the mobile data service (Internet) works also in tablets Android Nexus 7, Nexus 9, as well as on the Samsung Galaxy TAB, and in the Air 4 and 4 Mini iPad.According to what it says ComputerHoy.com portel, in Google they expect to be able to reach all the Androids that accept Project Fi SIM cards in the coming months.
How much comes out? It has $20 flat rate per month, allowing you to make calls and send SMS without limits.The service of mobile data, on the other hand, costs $10 per each GB; one contracts the GB that believes that you will need, and here there is a detail that is surprising, if not consumed everything, the company gives money through Google Wallet. And if one exceeds the contracted data plan, extra consumption costs $0.01 for each MB (this means that do not charge penalty for exceeding, a novelty).

Roaming ceases to exist (almost). When the smartphone left the United States, is connected to networks of local operators with whom those of Mountain View agreed to make the same data rate (that Yes, the data services low speed to 256 Kbps 3 g) and calls cost $0.20 per minute. SMS are unlimited. According to Google, 15% of Project Fi users have used it outside the country, 110 of the 120 countries where service is available.

“With Project Fi, provide a fast and flexible, mobile data service since it can be used where you want (even abroad), with a simple and easy-to-understand monthly bill”, wrote Simon Arscott, Product Manager for the project, in the company’s blog.

On Monday, the company announced that now you can access is the service without receiving an invitation from another user, according to the information provided by the site The Verge. “We are excited to let ‘invitation with only’ method (invitation-only mode, in English) and open the project Fi to all those within the United States who want to join in without having to wait to be invited”, Arscott said. In addition, they reported, Google will sell 5 Nexus X to $199 for those who activate the Fi service to buy it.


Twitter is testing a function to search GIFs within the app

Yesterday hundreds of users around the world looked at sudden changes in the Twitter app. The new feature was available for a short time but it generated the intended stir. The company added a new option to search for animated GIFs inside the app.

The option appears when wanting to post a Tweet on the same row that are icons that allow you take pictures, shoot videos and create polls. Infotechnology agreed to several screenshots showing this new feature.

Click on this function, the app allows you to search GIFs based on different terms. The source of these images is unknown so far.


Develop a prototype battery that lasts five times longer than the current

The battery life is the main problem of the majority of cell phones. By now no one manages to offer a product that can last an entire day with much use. However, that may change. According to Nature, a team of scientists is working on a battery that lasts five times more that the ones currently on the market.


New battery uses a composition of oxygen and lithium (LiO2), instead of the current lithium peroxide.

According to FayerWayer, the prototype was developed by Department of energy of the national laboratory of Argonne under the name of “lithium-air battery”.

Anyway, the product is far from reaching cell phones. Still testing and research is required to carry this battery to the size necessary to be on phones while maintaining its level of performance.


How To Save Your Important Data

choose-and-tap-to-Save-local-functionThere are dozens of cases of data loss. They commonly just use free data recovery software that results nothing. Meanwhile indirectly when you buy a laptop or new gadget with weak storage, it is possible to make them damaged accidentally due to your hard activity like remove too much virus inside, the way you put your laptop in your back, shocking laptop etc. These activities unconsciously make your internal hard drive being damaged. So if you have plenty data inside, how to save your important data in order not to lose them?

Using Antivirus

One of cause of loss data is virus. By using trusted antivirus, your data will be stay secured and safe. Most of free antivirus just provides free trial or just little features they offer for your computer so that indirectly there are still many addition viruses can attack although you have installed it. If necessary, you can use a premium antivirus software with trusted license. They will not only save your data but also maintain your system and hard drive from damage. Extra protection from antivirus can be got only in premium version.

Online Back Up

Another way to save your important data by using online back up or cloud storage. Now cloud storage is available for any kind of gadget, especially on Android. Just register new account and you will get free service for back up your data online. Google Drive can be the one of popular online back up product.

Recovery Data Service

But if you have lost your data, you’d better to go to recovery data service. They can solve your problems and diagnose what’s real cause of your damaged data. The cost is not too expensive, it depends on the size your data and the difficult rate to save your data from specific storage. Even they can save your data from your damaged laptop, PC, Smartphone and other bigger cases.

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